South Carolina

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The above picture is a screenshot taken from a video that is available at the New York Times website.

Watching the video is a horrifying experience. I cannot imagine what the Scott family goes through when they watch the video. He was someone’s son, father, friend. Imagine if the video was of someone you knew, you loved. What would it feel like?

Everyone deserves a fair trial, but it is hard to see how the officer’s actions were justified. No one’s life appeared to be in danger. And Mr. Scott was running away from the officer – the very person whose public duty it is to protect life, not end it.

This looks like murder.

Racial injustice is at the heart of education reform, but our schools should not be expected to reverse systemic racism in police forces across the country. This is not their burden; the task educators face is already immense enough.

Who will make police institutions more just? How will this occur?

I imagine millions of people are asking themselves these questions. And I imagine I’m not the only person who is unsure of what to do.

March in the streets? Yes, but how to translate this into change?

Body cameras? Yes, but there is a sadness in having technology, and not character, be the solution to racial injustice.

But perhaps it is the only way forward. For now.

I don’t really know.

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