What is Relinquishment?

I believe relinquishing power back to educators and families will significantly increase the quality of public schooling in this nation.

Relinquishment is an educational approach based on three principles:

1. Families should be able to choose where to send their children to school, as different students will thrive in different environments.

2. Educators should be able to run their own publicly funded schools – so that those closest to children can create and scale innovative schools that respond to children’s needs.

3. Government should regulate the system for both performance and equity – so as to ensure that public schools are educating children at high levels and that all children have equal access to these schools.

New Orleans is the closest example we have to this model.

In New Orleans, 90% of children attend educator run non-profit schools. Families, regardless of where they live, can choose to attend nearly any school in the city (and are given free transportation). The government annually publishes a letter grade system that provides performance information on each school. And, to ensure equal access for every child, the government manages centralized enrollment, transfer, and expulsion processes.


8 thoughts on “What is Relinquishment?

  1. Jim Horn

    You are so full of misinformation that it is hard to know where to begin. NOLA is a prime example of parents and educators subjugated by corporate segregationists and paternalistic thugs who have turned schools into another lucrative form of prison.

    1. Alexander Riggs

      Jim is right. He makes a few extreme statement with which I would disagree, but you are misinformed, Neerav. And hearing these sentiments from such a well-traveled, educated person is disappointing. The expansion of charter schools is harmful to students and communities. Please tell both sides of the stop spewing the perspective that charter schools are the solution to closing the achievement gap.

  2. argumentary

    A good place to begin would be full disclosure. Are u NEA? U r so out of touch with the huge success in New Orleans that there must b a profit motive behind ur post.

  3. Alexander Riggs

    What success? The Recovery School District (RSD) in New Orleans has a lower graduation rate (59.5% in 2013) than the remaining Orleans Parish School District and that RSD rate dropped since 2012. Graduation rate isn’t the only damning metric. What success?

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