Sentences to Ponder


1. Middle class families choosing charters

“What’s happening here raises a compelling question: could an influx of middle-class parents into charter schools emerge as a political game changer?”

2. Creationism in the New York Times

“The Times is a relatively good newspaper.  But to reach the elite level of papers like The Economist, they need to become familiar with good economic research.  And that means figuring out what economics is capable of telling us about the world, and what it cannot. Economists don’t know how to solve very many problems.  But one of the very few we do know how to solve is the California water shortage.”

3. Success Academy works for my kid

“But I can’t help but feel that there is an implicit assumption in education debates that parents whose children are primarily served by charter schools like Success—who tend to be low-income students of color—aren’t capable of making those choices, or have somehow been duped into buying into these schools’ philosophies. As though those parents, of those children, don’t understand the kind of schools they’re subjecting their children to.”

4. College preparedness vs. college enrollment

“To repeat: The ‘college preparation gap’ is larger now than in 1992 even though the college preparedness rate has remained relatively flat, due to the fact that the proportion of recent high school graduates enrolling in college rose sharply between 1994 and 2009—from 61 percent to 70 percent—before easing back down to 66 percent in 2013.”

5. Black Man Teach 

“Someone is waiting on who you are becoming.”

6. Tips for dealing with college rejection

“In the real world, nobody actually cares where you went to college except employers, your parents, potential romantic partners, and you.”

7. How to be emotionally intelligent

“Mr. Goleman…shares his short list of the competencies.”

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