Some good music (nothing to do with education!)

I’m on vacation this week. This has involved a good amount of hiking, reading murder mysteries, reading nonfiction (Elephant in the Brain), good meals, and most importantly a lot of great time with my wife.

I haven’t posted about music in awhile, so see below for some music that I really like, and you might like too.

Angues and Julia Stone Chateau

Currently in the lead for my song personal song of the summer. Young love, wonderlust, and alternating male / female vocals – what more do you want for a summertime jam?


Loyal Light Up For You 

Wonderful summertime beats and a gentle refrain.


Arizona –  Cross My Mind

If you’re noticing a theme here you’re correct: I think I’ve somehow gotten into what the kids call “tropical house” or something like that. Who would have thought that at age 38  my tastes would take a turn toward low key, electric, pop music?


Valerie June – Astral Plane

Like the best of Dylan, Valerie June’s most amazing songs inspire complex emotions through seemingly “simple” music.


Tom Odell – Another Love

Great piano, great voice, and good melodrama. I’d also recommend this mix version. If you like that I’d also check out this version of Magnetized at BBC Radio1 show.


Mondo Cozmo – Thunder 

Sometimes songs just keep on walking up to the line of being too cheesy but then keep stepping back from the line in time to be saved – this is one of those songs.


Transviolet – Girls Your Age

Coming of age song of sorts – haunting voice and beat.


Alex the Astronaut Not Worth Hiding

Young Australian singer writes about coming out. I found it moving.


Mt. Joy – Silver Lining

This is the kind of music I loved in my mid-20s. Still have much love for it!


LP – Lost on You

A little rock and roll with alternating meanings of the song title woven throughout the song? Yes!


Ella Vos – White Noise

This version is good but might be slow for some, so check out the faster remix version too.



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