These Two Things Might Be Connected


In Chicago, the mayor offered the teachers union a contract that would have prohibited a growth in overall charter enrollment (the union rejected the contract).

Elsewhere, state Republican leaders are taking power from local school boards.

I hope that they do this thoughtfully. Detroit is surely a cautionary tale. New Orleans, on the other hand, has seen major increases in student performance during its state takeover.

With local government and labor leaders colluding to limit educational opportunity, it’s not shocking that state officials are beginning to intervene.

What is interesting is how long this has taken. Republicans, who supposedly support choice and competition, too often protect local school districts because they are strongholds of political power.

For whatever its worth, I probably share many of the teachers union’s frustrations with the management of Chicago public schools.

We just differ in some of our opinions on how to create better schooling for students in Chicago.

I do no think a better contract will help.

But I do think reducing poverty will help.

There is some agreement between us.


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