Quite a Jump: NOLA ACT Scores Move from ~25th to ~40th Percentile

ACT scores just came out for New Orleans.

In 2005, the ACT composite average for New Orleans was a 17.

In 2014, it was 18.8

Also, in 2005, the ACT was not required, so many fewer students took it.

In 2014, the ACT was required, so nearly all New Orleans students took it.

It is estimated that if all students took the test in 2005, the New Orleans ACT score would have been 16.

The ACT test has changed over time, so I dug up (what I think) are the 2005 percentile rankings and the 2014 percentile rankings (it appears that these numbers are not yet final).

In 2005, scoring a 17 put you at the 26th percentile in the country. Scoring a 16 put you in the 20th percentile.

In 2014, scoring a 19 put you at the the 42nd percentile in the country.

Given these figures, a rough estimate is that New Orleans has moved from about the 25th to 40th percentile in ACT scores.

If these numbers are right (let me know if I’ve made a mistake), this is incredible progress.

Over the next decade, I look forward to watching New Orleans catch and then surpass the national average.

Some more data below:

Screen Shot 2015-07-18 at 10.58.08 AM

Screen Shot 2015-07-18 at 10.59.22 AM

One thought on “Quite a Jump: NOLA ACT Scores Move from ~25th to ~40th Percentile

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