Sentences to Ponder: PPT; Social Order; Schooling; Happiness; Internet


1. In Defense of the Deck 

“If you choose to freestyle without a deck when so many of the greats make it a normal practice, you risk leaving the impression that either (a) you don’t have the skills to produce a killer presentation, or (b) you are simply indifferent to why it is important. Neither is a good impression to leave with investors.”

2. Two forms of social order

“The authors make some claims about open-access orders that challenge hard-core libertarian thinking. First, they suggest that the stability of an open-access order requires a pervasive and effective government.”

3. Alderman interviews Hanushek 

“Internationally, years of schooling has very little value in measuring the income differences across countries, because the amount learned and the quality of schooling is so different across countries.”

4. Pursuing happiness

“Some economists propose replacing G.D.P. with a measure of national happiness. But it is too shaky a concept to bear so much weight.”

5. Brooks on the internet

“I know some people who are relaxed and their best selves only when online. Since they feel more in control of the communication, they are more communicative, vulnerable and care free ….It nurtures agility, but there is clear evidence by now that it encourages a fast mental rhythm that undermines the ability to explore narrative, and place people, ideas and events in wider contexts.”

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