Sentences to Ponder: Brains, Energy, Freelancers, Learning, Health


1. Face it Your Brain is a Computer

“There is much that we don’t know about brains. But we do know that they aren’t magical. They are just exceptionally complex arrangements of matter.”

2. Claims about energy (mostly right, I think)

“I believe that if you could choose one single technological development to help the most people in the world, radically better energy generation is probably it.  Throughout history, quality of life has gone up as the cost of energy has gone down.

The 20th century was the century of carbon-based energy.  I am confident the 22nd century is going to be the century of atomic energy (i.e. terrestrial atomic generation and energy from sun’s fusion). I am unsure how the majority of the 21st century will be powered, but I’d like to help get things moving.”

3. We are not a nation of freelancers

“In fact, the share of the workforce reporting they are unincorporated self-employed is declining and lower than at any point in the last 70 years.”

4. Chase your reading

“In chasing mode, you continually ask yourself whether what you are reading is relevant for your quest, or whether the author actually has anything new or interesting to say.”

5. Where can health savings be had? 

“The gains from reducing costs of end-of-life care shouldn’t be overstated. The proportion of Medicare spending that goes to end-of-life care has been roughly the same for the last few decades at about 25%. This regularity suggests that while overall health care costs have been rising, end-of-life care is not an increasing part of that overall issue.”

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