Trying to be Popular vs. Trying to Change What’s Popular

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Bryan Caplan recently tweeted this:

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For some type of leadership, being popular is very important. It is difficult for a politician to get anything done if they can’t get elected to office. Being popular is key.

For other types of leadership, it’s less important to be popular; rather, it’s more important that your ideas are popular.

Yesterday, the Chicago Tribune published an editorial entitled: “Can CPS be Saved?” [HT Smarick]

The editorial contained this tidbit:

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Hell will likely freeze over before I’ll be a politically viable candidate to lead Chicago Public Schools.

But it’s nice to see the ideas of this blog gaining traction.

Of course, the ideas on this blog only exist because of the great work of a lot of educators, as well as the intellectual contributions of a lot of incredible thinkers.

It takes a village, as they say.

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