Sentences to Ponder


1. On Collegiate Academies 

“‘They know they could be deported at any point and that’s a really, really terrifying reality for them,’ says Davis. You can see the emotional toll that this uncertainty is taking on them, he says. ‘The rates of trauma are really high.'”

2. On Success Academies

“The network’s critics — including the teachers’ union, which sees Success as taking money and space from public schools — say the network’s high scores are a mirage created, in part, by inordinate test preparation… this year, the network said, it received more than 22,000 applications for 2,688 seats.”

3. The end of information asymmetry? 

“Technological developments are giving everyone who wants it access to the very best information when it comes to product quality, worker performance, matches to friends and partners, and the nature of financial transactions, among many other areas.”

4. Krugman on public intellectuals and elections

“What, then, should those of us who study economic policy and care about real-world outcomes do? The answer, surely, is that we should do our jobs: Try to get it right, and explain our answers as clearly as we can. Realistically, the political impact will usually be marginal at best. Bad things will happen to good ideas, and vice versa. So be it. Elections determine who has the power, not who has the truth.”

5. Tribe goes against the Tribe

“To many Democrats and professors at Harvard, Mr. Tribe is a traitor.”

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