Sentences to Ponder


1. The limits of equity

“But we must remember: The Titanic was irreparably damaged, lifeboats weren’t to blame, and more lifeboats wouldn’t have accelerated the sinking.”

2. Al Gore should run for president

“Income inequality is a serious problem. But climate change is an existential threat.”

3. Suing to lift charter caps

“The New York case also set off sparks within the party when two prominent former aides to Obama announced their public relations team would not only promote the lawsuit but would also seek to replicate it nationwide. Union leaders were so furious, they successfully pressured a liberal communications firm that had been working with the PR team to cut ties.”

4. The rent hypothesis

“The rent hypothesis has a lot to say about our economic world. If it’s right, it provides a unified explanation of many important shifts. It gets to why corporate profits are so high, why the financial sector has expanded so much, why executive pay has risen, and why entrepreneurship and investment are struggling. Time to move beyond speculation and toward analyses that have a real chance of telling us new facts about how our economy is changing.”

5. What a happy cell looks like

“They found that a high score of eudaimonic well-being, more than a high score of hedonic well-being, was correlated with a more favorable genetic expression profile, meaning the immune cells showed high levels of the antiviral response and low levels of the inflammatory response.”

6. Things I’ve learned from being adopted

“For the most part, I’ve found, adoptees prefer the lives they were raised in, but the connection to that other self can be intoxicating. The first time I met my younger biological half-sister — one of the first times I’d ever seen somebody who looked like me on the planet — and we hugged was one of the best moments of my life, comparable to the moment I met my younger biological half-brother a few seconds later.”

1 thought on “Sentences to Ponder

  1. renujuneja1

    Liked several of these. I had read the Gore piece and have wondered what kind of president he would have made. Of course, as the article acknowledges he would have a hard time getting elected.

    But the notion of eudaimonic cells being helped by meditation is really appealing. Time to start meditation, I have sent the adoption piece to Raka


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