Sentences to Ponder


1. Georgia looks to New Orleans

“I don’t want to oversell this. It’s not like we have a silver bullet,” said Recovery School District Superintendent Patrick Dobard. “We went from awful to pretty good. We’re not great … This is going to take decades to create all of the great schools I know we can have.”

2. Economic freedom and size of government

“These results challenge the common preconception that taxes and economic freedom are negatively related. In addition, the divergence between tax revenue and spending in this regard is more consistent with a ;fiscal contract’ model of the state, in which taxation and economic freedom go together, as governments attend to their legitimacy and the health of the private sector in order to increase revenue, but flag in these efforts when they enjoy sources of income other than taxes.”

3. Black valedictorians

From Michelle Obama to John Legend.

4. Oliver Sacks is dying

“Here I depart from Hume. While I have enjoyed loving relationships and friendships and have no real enmities, I cannot say (nor would anyone who knows me say) that I am a man of mild dispositions. On the contrary, I am a man of vehement disposition, with violent enthusiasms, and extreme immoderation in all my passions.”

5. How countries are transitioning from lower to middle income

“The number of low-income countries has dropped by nearly half since 2001, following the graduation of mainly mineral exporting and transition economies in Sub-Saharan Africa and Europe and Central Asia to middle-income status.”

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