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Richard Whitmire and I have a post over at Real Clear Education: Invest in Great Educators, Not Dysfunctional Schools.

The key point:

The federal government should ramp up annual spending on charter schools from $250 million to $1 billion. This could provide new educational opportunities for over 1 million children.

The feds recently spent over $3.5 billion on trying to turnaround failing schools.

At the very least, we should spend the same amount of money on growing schools that are actually working.


National charter enrollment is up 14%. At nearly 3 million in enrollment, this is insane growth.

Remember: the most powerful force in the universe.


Yesterday, I testified at the Georgia legislature on their bill to create a Recovery School District. Some reflections:

1. I found the experience enjoyable and highly interesting.

2. The testimony opened up with a prayer.

3. I found it challenging to speak to the tribe. There were, to my knowledge, at least three distinct political coalitions there. I tried to connect with each one of them while still remaining true to the substance of the message.

4. I found their questions to be quite political astute. Nearly every question was at least, in part, a political statement – and these statements were clearly made.

5. Someone asked me a question based on Mercedes Schneider’s NOLA ACT blog posts. I responded based on my own NOLA ACT blog post. It is interesting to see blogs framing the debate in legislative hearings.

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