Sentences to Ponder


1. NOLA high school principal on serving students with special needs

“In 2003, before Hurricane Katrina, only one in 10 children with special needs left high school with a diploma. Today, more than 40 percent of 9th graders with special needs will graduate with their peers in four years.”

2. Speaking while female

“The long-term solution to the double bind of speaking while female is to increase the number of women in leadership roles.”

3. Something is rotten in happiness research

“The one thing I know about my happiness is that it is reduced when people produce charts that are derived from data that lacks reliability.”

Note: that sentence made my laugh.

4. Paul Ryan understands power

“The real power in American politics resides in Congress, not in the presidency.”

I often think about where the real power lies in education. Quick speculative rankings: (1) state legislatures (2) state supes (3) CMOs (4) district superintendents.

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