Sentences to Ponder


1. Why journalists hate to write about education

“That’s because the single most important thing for writers and journalists is not telling the truth or afflicting the comfortable …. It’s writing a great story, and education is distinctly unsuitable for storytelling.”

I view this as a potential feature of education reporting, not a bug. And yet education reporting is still mostly story telling.

2. Reading in the age of Amazon 

“Paper is the gold standard,” Green says. “We’re striving to hit that. And we’re taking legitimate steps year over year to get there.”

3. Cultural diversity and entrepreneurship

“Cultural diversity breeds entrepreneurship – but the nature of the diversity is critical. Recent migrants, rather than the descendants of past migrants, create the conditions for a more dynamic entrepreneurial environment. This effect is most clearly substantiated in terms of knowledge-intensive start-ups… it is diversity within the ranks of the highly skilled that matters most, again especially for knowledge-intensive start-ups.”

4. The next status game

“Over the course of the 20th century, the dominant North American leisure class underwent three distinct changes, each marked by shifts in the relevant status symbols, rules for display, and advancement strategies.”

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