Sentences to Ponder


1. How reading transforms us

“The personality scores of those who read the nonfiction text remained much the same. But the personality scores of those who read the Chekhov story fluctuated. The changes were not large but they were statistically significant, and they were correlated with the intensity of emotions people experienced as they read the story. Chekhov’s story seemed to get people to start thinking about their personalities — about themselves — in new ways.”

Over my adulthood, the quantity of fiction I read has vacillated. Over the past two years, I’ve tried to read more, in part for reasons captured in this study. It changes me, I think.

2. The riddle of Argentina

“Argentina is the only country in the world that was ‘developed’ in 1900 and ‘developing’ in 2000. Various explanations highlight the roles of trade openness, political institutions, financial integration, financial development, and macroeconomic instability … new evidence suggesting that financial development and institutional change are two main factors behind the unusual growth trajectory of Argentina over the last century.”

Institutions matter.

3. Pondering plasticity

“Just as supply and demand is the crown jewel of econ insight, the crown jewel of anthropology insight is cultural plasticity. This is the idea that humans are pretty flexible – we can be okay in and with few reservations accept the practices of a wide range of cultures, if we grow up there. Not to say humans are infinitely flexible, but just more flexible that we tend to think.”

4. DC charters get school buildings

“Bridges, which will serve up to 400 students, will provide a pre-kindergarten and elementary school program with a focus on serving a high proportion of students with special needs in an inclusive environment.”

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