Sentences to Ponder


1. The transition from communism to capitalism is working

“Since their transition, the postcommunist countries have grown rapidly; today, their citizens live richer, longer, and happier lives. In most ways, these states now look just like any others at similar levels of economic development. They have become normal countries — and, in some ways, better than normal.”

2. The transition from communism to capitalism is not working

“Despite philosophers of “universal harmonies” such as Francis Fukuyama, Timothy  Garton  Ash, Vaclav Havel, Bernard Henry Lévy, and scores of international  “economic advisors” to Boris Yeltsin,  who all phantasized about democracy and prosperity, neither really arrived for most people in eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union. The Wall fell only for some.”

3. Replace regulatory agencies with simple laws

“I think that one advantage of this approach is that we could get rid of the ‘fourth branch of government’ consisting of regulatory agencies. Instead, regulatory issues would be settled in courts, allowing common law to develop. Violations of the law against taking advantage of consumer ignorance would be punished on the basis of clarity of the violation, severity of the violation, and systematic nature of the violation.”

4. A luxury condo that can survive a nuclear attack HT Tyler Cowen

“In addition to the standard perks—which also include a spa, dog park, fitness center and medical facilities—the complex has enough emergency food on hand to last for up to five years.”

Note: You may think these folks are crazy, but in certain scenarios, it is they who continue humanity. So to the extent we care about future humans, we should praise these folks.

5. The best scotches under $40  HT my mom

“Aged in ex-bourbon and sherry casks, Aberlour 10 is full of sherried fruit, caramel and toffee. It’s a luxurious dram that drinks richer than it’s sub-$40 price tag.”

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