Sentences to Ponder


1. Testing in India

“A crowd gathers: parents, neighbors, sometimes the whole village. Children jump up and down, shouting, ‘Test me! Test me!'”

Note: Testing, used correctly, is a civil rights tool.

2. Choosing schools at any income

“But, just because low-income families haven’t had to choose schools for their children in the past doesn’t mean that they couldn’t learn to do so in the future.”

Note: as I’ve argued before, letter grades can help.

3. A dozen thing learned from Chris Sacca about venture vapital

“It’s people with these broader life experiences who have balanced relationships who come up with the cool shit.”

4. Fathers, sons, and the presidency 

“To look back through the years is to see presidents in rebellion against their fathers and presidents in thrall to them, presidents trying to be bigger and better than the fathers who let them down (Abraham Lincoln, Ronald Reagan) as well as presidents living out the destinies that their fathers scripted for them (John F. Kennedy, William Howard Taft). It’s to behold the inevitably fraught father-son dynamic playing out on the gaudiest stages, with the most profound consequences.”

Note: I want to dismiss this all as nonsense, but what if there is some truth to it?

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