Sentences to Ponder

1. Global learning X prize

“The competition will invite teams from across the globe to develop a tablet-based software application capable of fostering self-directed learning among young children (age 5 to 12) in communities with little or no access to quality education.”

Note: If they create a betting market around who wins the prize, $10 from me on Goldstein.

2. The case for open borders

‘The upside of open borders,’ he once wrote, ‘would be the rapid elimination of absolute poverty on earth.’ He is relentless at rebutting objections. It would take jobs away from native-born workers? It’d hurt growth in poor countries as more and more people leave? It’d leave us vulnerable to crime? No, no, and no.

Note: if you haven’t, you really need to grapple with the moral issues around open borders.

3. Did industry cause nations?

“Before the late 18th century there were no real nation states. … If you travelled across Europe, no one asked for your passport at borders; neither passports nor borders as we know them existed.”

4. How to cancel a meeting the right way

Some practical, useful advice.

1 thought on “Sentences to Ponder

  1. James Clary

    #4 isn’t really a sentence to ponder…

    Of course, I needed spell check to let me know I misspelled sentence (wrote sentance initially), so what do I know.


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