Let Great Schools Thrive in New Jersey

I have an op-ed at nj.com today. Read the whole piece here.

An excerpt:

There is one question that can cut through the hyperbole of most education reform debates.

If a school provides a well-rounded, academically rigorous education that prepares children to live meaningful, successful lives — should this school be allowed to expand to serve more students?

The answer should be: “Yes.”

Yet for too many school systems, including some in New Jersey, the answer is: “No.”

One additional thought beyond what was written in the piece: within a few years we are likely to have the nation’s second reform vs. relinquish natural experiment. The first was Washington D.C., where charters have grown to 50% market share at the same time district reformers have attempted to right their own ship. Newark leaders have publicly stated they will likely get to 40% charter over the coming years. So this may be our second test case.

I’m very willing to take bets that in both cities any rigorous virtual twin study will demonstrate that the charter sector outperforms the district by at least a .05 effect size.

If you are not willing to take that bet, but you still don’t believe in charter districts, I’d like to better understand why. Drop a note in the comments if you have a second.

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