Sentences (and Tweets) to Ponder

1. The Horrors of competition: a tweet from KIPP New Orleans this morning

Screen Shot 2014-08-22 at 9.18.04 AM

2. How much does poverty drive crime?

“What did surprise him was that when he looked at families which had started poor and got richer, the younger children—those born into relative affluence—were just as likely to misbehave when they were teenagers as their elder siblings had been.” [note: I don’t think one study conclusively proves anything – but it’s worth considering different paths of causation]

3. Should we allocate public funding to teaching hospitals? 

“Just because privately owned human capital serves the public does not make it a public good.” [note: the phrase “public good” is thrown around incorrectly very often in education debates, this article provides good definition]

4. What affects stock returns? 

“The thing is, most of the movement in stock returns is due to changes in the taste/toleranace for risk, and there is no guarantee that this parameter will head toward one particular value.”

5. Love bombing, corporate education reform, and Kirp

“Staff members visit the homes of all incoming kindergarteners to build relationships with the students’ families and to get know who is important in each child’s life.”

6. Kingsland Consulting is still waiting for its waiver of its waiver

“Continued the trend of the department approving extensions for states that are still working with the Obama administration to hammer out changes to their teacher- and principal-evaluation systems.”

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