Sentences to Ponder

1. All you need is a little patience

“Our results also show that people who are impatient as a child are more prone to die young, to become obese, or to become a teenage mother.”

2. But not this much patience

“More than two years later, the Orleans Parish School Board is back where it started in its search for a permanent superintendent… the board failed to approve either of its remaining finalists Tuesday.”

3. Professor Caplan drops real (too real?) advice to students (and his own children)

“My first two sons are outstanding students interested in economics, so of course I’ll urge college… my younger two have yet to start school, so the jury is still out … if either turns out to be a C student, I will gently but emphatically advise them to find a job right after high school.”

4. More polling on charter schools

Do you favor charter schools (70% Y, 29% N) 

A charter school is a public school (50% T, 48% F)

Do you believe students at charter schools receive a better education (54% Y, 33% N)

5. Open Letter to David Plouffe (of Obama campaign fame) 

“Rather than working ‘to ensure drivers and riders are not denied their opportunity for choice in transportation,’ my idea would ensure that parents and children are not denied their opportunity for choice in education … my motto would be ‘everyone’s private or public school.'”

2 thoughts on “Sentences to Ponder

  1. Mike G

    Neerav, to what extent do you believe the following hypothesis I have:

    1. Unions attack charters as being selective on the front end and getting rid of the “bad kids.”

    2. This attack (perversely for charter opponents) actually increases support for charter schools among regular public.

    It’s only way I’ve been able to reconcile the charter polling I’ve seen over the years.

    1. nkingsl

      Very interesting. I’d never heard of that theory. It’s definitely plausible.

      Big picture, I think you’re right that individual parents probably care about quality than equity.


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