Multiple Sentences to Ponder

1. Dacia Toll on Accountability and Charters in Connecticut 

“Rather than facing months of protracted negotiations or legal battles, all the school management contracts with FUSE were terminated within three weeks of the problems coming to light. Michael Sharpe lost his job, and FUSE has ceased to exist as a school operator.”

2. Joshua Lewis on Vergara

“It also could mark the beginning of a third great era of U.S. education reform — one that focuses not on inputs or outcomes but on the workings of schools themselves.” [note: I find this framing overly simplistic, but you can decide for yourself]

3. Pat Lynch [NYC police union head] on Mike Mulgrew [NYC education union head]

“How would [Mulgrew] like it if police officers lined up with the activists who oppose his efforts to shield bad teachers and undermine effective charter schools?”

4. Robin Lake on Detroit

“The market is badly oversaturated with ineffective schools that are rarely closed by government agencies, and that children continue to attend because of transportation and information barriers like those reported in our survey.”

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