What I’ve Been Listening to on Soundcloud

Perhaps you might enjoy this music too:

1. Benjamin Clementine – I Won’t Complain (like John Legend but better and I like John Legend)

2. Alt J – Hunger of the Pines (less instrumental than my usual tastes, but I liked the mood) 

3. Youth – Daughter (3.5 million people on sound cloud can’t all be wrong)

4. San Fermin – Sonsick (indie rock about domestic issues, such as t-ball games) 

5. Dead Times – Inner Gold (music by an artist infinitely cooler than you or I)

Hopefully there’s enough variety that everyone can find a new song to get into, which for me is a one of life’s more pleasurable gifts. 

Drop a comment if you liked anything – or if you have any recommendations to share. 

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