Many, Many Sentences to Ponder this Weekend


My browser tabs were overflowing with good stuff. Sorry to being so late in posting it all. Happy reading.

1.Goldilocks and charter school authorizing

“It seems the battle lines in the war of best authorizing practices have been drawn.”

2. Who should profit when business makes money off government R&D?

“Taxpayers have a large, unacknowledged role in the nation’s innovation. They deserve some credit. And perhaps more, if that’s what it would take to power innovation’s future.”

3. Family structure and poverty

“A much stronger—indeed one of the strongest—correlate of upward mobility is family structure.”

4. Bill Gates on the most likely existential threat for humanity

“Gates’s model showed that a Spanish flu–like disease unleashed on the modern world would kill more than 33 million people in 250 days.”

5. Be part of the tribe and then speak to the tribe

“That research has consistently found that the most effective campaigners are like the target population: either from the same neighborhood, or sharing racial or ethnic identity.”

6. Far left economic agenda

They want to raise taxes on the wealthy by hiking rates and converting deductions (which are most valuable for the rich) into credits (which are worth the same to everybody). They want tougher enforcement on Wall Street. They want to end too big to fail by imposing a capital surcharge on large, risky firms, and to create a financial transactions tax to discourage short-term trading. They want subsidized child care, smaller prison populations, immigration reform, and Medicare for all

7. Singer on everything

“We have strong hierarchical tendencies. We like to think that there is always someone below us, and for many people, having power over others seems, regrettably, to reaffirm their sense of self-importance and thus to make them feel good. That may be a psychic need that finds an outlet in racism. For some people, it also finds an outlet in the abuse of animals. In particular, jobs in factory farms and poultry processing plants are poorly paid, high pressure and low status. That may be why, year after year, undercover investigators in factory farms and slaughterhouses continue to find evidence of the most atrocious abuse, like workers bashing pigs with steel pipes, or using live chickens as footballs.”

8. 4.0 Schools new launch cohort

Now, in Cohort 11, we welcome Great Teachers Academy, a platform to enable teachers to quickly launch their own low-cost micro schools. By creating a platform that teachers can then customize and build upon, GTA is making it easier for teachers to build unique schools that families are excited to attend.

9. Teachers improvement correlated with working conditions

“On average, teachers working in schools at the 75th percentile of professional environment ratings improved 38% more than teachers in schools at the 25th percentile after ten years.”

10. Problems of coordination 

“Yet we face an exasperating gap between the health outcomes we can theoretically achieve and those we actually are achieving.”

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