Elon Musk and Other Rich Parents are Finally Beginning to Subsidize Education Innovation Rather than Simply Purchase Status


I previously wrote about how wealthy families negatively impact the rest of the world when they spend a lot of money on education status rather than education innovation.

When this occurs, wealthy families purchase zero-sum goods (status) instead of subsidizing goods with positive externalities (innovative education models).

Yesterday, I wrote about how scaling charters and vouchers to the suburbs could be one way to increase both quality-options and innovation to a diverse array of kids.

Today, I read this: Elon Musk created a small school for the children of employees of Space-X.

With Alt-School and Musk School, we’re beginning to see wealthy families investing in new education models.

If these models work, they will overtime benefit all children.

Will these models work? Who knows. But one way to begin to find out is to experiment on some rich children.

Yes, you can get grumpy and say that these private schools (right now) only serve wealthy students, but in the same breath please do say how you support vouchers programs that are designed to give all students access to these schools.

Big picture, I’d much rather have wealthy people building innovative private schools than sending their children to stagnant schools of status.

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