Research I Will Try and Get To

I’ve beenĀ traveling a lot lately and am behind on research.

Here’s two pieces I hope to cover soon.

Charters without Lotteries: Testing Takeovers in New Orleans and Boston

Estimates for a large sample of takeover schools in the New Orleans Recovery School District show substantial gains from takeover enrollment. In Boston, where we can compare grandfathering and lottery estimates for a middle school, grandfathered students see achievement gains at least as large as the gains for students assigned seats in lotteries.

What Schools Do Families Want? And Why?

Contrary to the large literature based on stated preferences, our analysis of revealed preferences suggests that the role of extracurricular activities and indirect costs such as distance are, collectively, at least as large as academic quality.

I particularly want to dig into the NOLA choice piece, as there has been so much policy change I’m curious what conclusions were drawn from what time periods (for example, we’ve only had the universal enrollment system for a few years).

Enjoy your MLK weekend. Perhaps by rereadingĀ Letter from a Birmingham Jail.

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