Sentences to Ponder


1. Chicago Public Schools won’t consider new charter proposals this year

“In a first in at least a decade, this year Chicago Public Schools will not approve any new charter or contract schools to open in the coming fall.”

Note: The benefits of mayoral control only accrue when the mayor is strategically aligned and politically powerful. In Chicago, it is unclear if either of these is the case.

2. Why we believe

“A single neutral writer could present all the different arguments on some subject, all using the same writing style. Readers of such presentations would have a better chance of drawing conclusions on each subject based on the logic of arguments, instead of writing styles. The fact that we aren’t very interested in these sort of presentations suggests that we aren’t very interested in reducing the influence of other writing style related factors.”

3. Creative class or creative license? 

“As I stated this summer, I view the process of urban gentrification as being driven by hospitals and universities. They have the money, they are expanding in cities (during my road trip this summer, I saw this in Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, and St. Louis), and they hire people with lots of education credentials, who then move into the city. But these credentialed workers are not necessarily creative. They are not opening new vistas or making new discoveries or overthrowing social conventions. Many of them are administrators who, if anything, get in the way of the creative individuals in their institutions.”

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