Sentences to Ponder

1. A High Holiday sermon

“Liberation from outside coercion is a shortcut to liberty.”

2. Beyond foreign aid 

“But if you think that alleviating global poverty is a worthwhile policy goal, some combination of the items on this list can have an effect that is a hefty multiple of what foreign aid is able to achieve.”

3. Blood for grades

“Four liters of donated blood will get your child one extra point; 6 liters adds two points; and 8 liters, three… ‘I want to tell my future son: No worries with the high school entrance exams, Dad has already got you bonus marks! the man said.”

4. Pretty, smart, healthy, privilege

“In fashion runways, lecture halls, and sporting events we select the most pretty smart healthy people we have, and give them extra attention and approval, thereby increasing social inequality resulting from differences in these features.”

2 thoughts on “Sentences to Ponder

  1. Doublezed

    In both the Foreign Aid article today and the one about open borders it is strongly advocated that free migration can do much to improve global economies and living standards. This makes sense for a lot of reasons. However, how does the US do that with its social welfare systems? Right now we don’t necessarily do a great job for our poor and have a broken budget. A flood of immigrants could make this stress much worse (maybe better in the long run). How do the writers and advocates think about this in terms of open borders creating substantial economic dislocations to host countries (presumably an influx of immigrants from poor countries would not have the skills to be highly productive for awhile and therefore the support cost woul be high)?

    1. nkingsl

      Good point. Many advocates say we should not provide a lot of welfare support to these new immigrants – and that the immigrants would still be better off. Others say this is naive – once people are here, we’ll eventually provide them with benefits, so we have to calculate this cost into our decision making….

      Up to you to figure out which is more likely true :)


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