Sentences to Ponder

1. Should we hope to live past 75? 

Cowen: “The world is a fascinating place and I fully expect to appreciate it at the age of eighty, albeit with some faculties less sharp. What if the Fermi Paradox is resolved, or a good theory of quantum gravity developed? What else might be worth waiting for?”

Kling: “Grandchildren.”

Me: I don’t think I would ever want to die so long as I continued to have (1) moments of deep social meaning and (2) I was able to keep learning. Or to put it another way: if someone told me that I was going to live to 376 and these two conditions would both be met, I would be very happy. But perhaps my desires will be different as I approach 75.

2. How does bitcoin work?

“What exactly is the work done by the miners? And how are the miners rewarded for doing it?”

Note: I didn’t understand this part of bitcoin before reading this article.

3. The bitcoin hype cycle

“It sure feels like we’ve been through the technology trigger phase, the inflated expectations phase, and are now well into the trough of disillusionment phase.”

Note: my prediction is that bitcoin, or something like it, will have a major impact on financial transactions because it bypasses the need for banks. This could cut ~2% transaction costs by perhaps half. This would put crazy amounts of money toward (potentially) more productive uses.

4. China fact of the day

“China has only 31 government and party employees per thousand residents. The number of civil servants per thousand residents in France is 95, in the United States, 75, and in Germany 53.”

5. Which colleges have produced the most billionaires?

#8: Mumbai University

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