Sentences to Ponder

1. Quit beating up on teachers and focus on principals 

“The United States must launch a principal-quality movement as robust as our teacher-quality movement has been. Only then will we begin to realize the potential of great instruction to fight inequality.”

Note: my preferred focus is to go one level further up (to the organization itself). District principals are site managers for large bureaucracies. If the bureaucracies aren’t replaced by better organizations, focusing on principals will have a low ceiling in terms of impacting student achievement.

2. The supreme court sites blogs as facts

“The figure in the brief came from a blog post. The blog has been discontinued.”

Note: In a previous life, I co-wrote a brief that made it to the supreme court. has yet to make it to a supreme court brief, nor should it. 

3. Does culture matter more than institutions? 

“But in general, I think that Leeson’s view, which I take to be one of cultural primacy, holds.”

Note: given that I often view things through an institutional / structural lens, this was a good reminder to me that culture (may) trump everything, at least at the margin.

4. On intellectual decay

“I’m not really trying to argue that I’m right about these 8 issues, I freely concede that my opponents might be right on all 8 points. They are complex problems. But that’s not the issue I’m raising. I’m claiming that the left and right are moving ever further apart, taking ever more extreme views, without good reasons.”

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